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We met with about thirty cis and trans people, with different

origins and from different social backgrounds, and asked them

to talk about the evolution of masculinities.


Some were twenty years old/in their twenties in the 1970s,

others are twenty years old/ in their twenties today/now.


In-depth face-to-face interviews were conducted in various

regions of France, in cities, suburbs and rural areas,

depending on where ads and random encounters brought us.


Our warmest thanks to :


Blaise, 95, retired farmer, Lyon region.
Claude, 76, retired cook, Paris.
Gérard, 76, retired airline pilot, Nîmes region.
Alain, 73, retired theater actor, Paris.
Joseph, 62, market gardener, Lyon region.
Gaëlle, 61, administrative manager, Reims region.
Bruno, 59, environmental consultant, Toulouse region.
Philippe, 58, architect, Paris.
Romain, 54, professional cleaner, Lyon region.
Petrus, 54, brewer, Lyon region.
Philippe, 49, computer operator, Nîmes région.
Abdoulaye, 49, cook, Parisian region.
Constance, 45, works superviser, Toulouse region.
Tiaum, 42, traindriver, Saint-Malo (Brittany).
Mademba-Alexandre, 40, IT project manager, Parisian region.
David, 39, hypnotherapist, Paris.
El Hadi, 39, butcher, Parisian region.
Arnaud, 33, lawyer, Saint-Malo (Brittany)
Théo, 31, nurse, Reims region.
Ronan, 31, farmer, Lyon region.
Paul, 31, painter, Toulouse region.
Flavio, 30, urbanist, New York.
Marzio, 30, lawyer, Saint-Malo (Brittany).
Geoffroy, 29, journalist, Reims region.
Pavel, 25, after-school and camp counsellor, Toulouse region.
Fabien, 25, case worker, Reims region.
Julian, 24, waiter, Reims region.
Adam, 17, high school student, Paris.

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