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Procreation, work, family, gender, sexuality, endless fights, generations after generations. Our goal was to highlight that men as well as society are being transformed by feminism.

As yet, men have primarily watched the women’s liberation movement. They have experienced its effects without taking part in it or even thinking about it. But since the #MeToo movement, since feminists got to the roots of the problem, they have had to face up their responsibilities and acknowledge that they have a role to play in ending discrimination and violence against women.

We interviewed about thirty men. We asked them what feminist struggles and conquests had done to their lives. Had feminism impacted their behaviors, mindsets, and worldviews? Were they aware of their dominance and privilege? Were they willing  to take action and contribute to current feminist dynamics?

We are hoping that, because we have handed them a mirror, giving them the opportunity to look at themselves in the light of feminism, these men and all those who will listen to them will be able to situate themselves on the “feministometer,” and figure out what is required to move up the scale.

This project would not have been possible without Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne and Ulule donors. We are extremely grateful for their support and contributions!


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